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On October 22, 2018

John Jordan

for Mayor

Township of Wilmot

Leadership | Progress | Passion

John wants to hear from you!  Please complete the following form and send us whatever is on your mind. 

We want to make things even better for Wilmot Township residents and your input is invaluable in order to do this!  Together, we can all make things really happen!

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What are peole saying about John?

Wilmot finally has an opportunity to make a positive change for the future. With extensive financial experience, and a passion for culture, John Jordan will bring a new level of transparency, accountability and thriving culture to Wilmot Township.

We are SO fortunate to have an individual of this capacity willing to serve in public office here, and I encourage everyone to learn more, meet John Jordan and vote for CHANGE!

 - John Bailey - New Hamburg

John is a very caring and loving family person. He is very passionate in everything he does and does it with an intelligent approach. I couldn't think of a more better candidate for Mayor than John!

 - Ross Schoonderwoerd - Wilmot Township

John is a visionary who will represent his constituents very well as the Mayor of Wilmot.  His presence will be a breath of fresh air indeed.

 - Patrick Leahey - Waterloo

I know John professionally, his financial training and extensive business experience will bring a highly relevant skill-set to the position of Mayor. Additionally, John’s wife of 32 years, Kathie, who is a successful New Hamburg businessperson and active in the community, will make for a strong and supportive “First Lady”.

John is an open-minded, knowledgeable and approachable person. He is of outstanding character and a committed family-man at heart. He possesses all the key attributes to be your next Mayor.

On October 22nd, vote John Jordan for Mayor of Wilmot Township.

My name is Stephen Tisdall and I strongly endorse John Jordan to be the next Mayor of Wilmot Township.