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John Jordan for Council

Ward 4 Township of Wilmot

Campaign Information

Remain diligent with updates and improvements to infrastructure and capital projects - Without a solid base to work from, the community can start to crumble - literally. We need to ensure that all of our necessary infrastructure is up to standards for the safety and convenience for all of our residents. We have to ensure we remain fiscally viable with our infrastructure projects and with the capital projects planned over the next few years. We need to work closely with the other levels of government to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and economic viability.

Economic Development - Wilmot should not be considered only as a bedroom community. We need dedicated people well versed and experienced in attracting business to communities similar to Wilmot with innovative and creative ideas and planning.

Responsible Growth & Development - With the current housing shortage, Wilmot needs to show their leadership and strengths in responsible growth and development through innovative and creative ways for intensification coupled with the preservation of the most fertile farmland in North America.

Embracing our Community

Celebrate and embrace the people, Arts & Culture, sports and Recreation, special events, agriculture and agri-tourism, local business and restaurants, and showcase the talent that Wilmot has to offer.

Emphasis needs to be made with the Arts & Culture Master Plan. We have so much talent here and a huge opportunity to make this an Arts & Culture destination.

Form strategic partnerships and alliances with Community Groups, Service Clubs, business owners, agriculture, and developers to build our community better and stronger.

Further Goals to Work Towards...

Work towards ensuring that Wilmot's sustainability will meet our Green House Gas reduction of 25% by 2027 from the base GHG in 2012. Wilmot is in a very strong position of well exceeding this target.

Ensure the goals of Council and Staff are aligned to work toward the fruition of everyone’s goals.

Reduction of Red Tape - as with other levels of government, they all want to reduce bureaucracy and red tape. However, the bulk of this happens at the municipal level. We need to step back, take a look, talk to those directly involved, both staff and residents, and come up with a strategy to reduce the red tape.

Work with all levels of government to make sure we’re making the most of what is available for our community.

Accountability, transparency, and honest and open communication with the residents of Wilmot are of utmost importance.

Remain fiscally strong